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Healing the Heart


Channeled by Lois Hartwick



We are a small group which meets in Western Massachusetts, USA, each week now entering our 24th year. Channelings through Lois Hartwick are from Ascended Masters, along with planetary and galactic overseers, and hierarchy, star beings and angelics. Teachings for the last 14 years have primarily been with Thoth although Master Hilarion, St. Germain, Sananda, and others lead the way for many years prior. We practice a specific meditative format called Anchoring Light which was given by Master Hilarion and AA Gabriel as well as infilling of etheric pyramids worldwide given in locale by the Masters. We welcome the opportunity to have those of you living elsewhere share the higher teachings and offerings given to us via conference calls.

This Sunday, January 19, at 7 p.m. EST, the topic is “Healing the Heart” by Master Hilarion. All are welcome to join in. This individual class will be $15. The intention of this class will be the following: to understand the nature of the hearts interlinked–-that of yourself, of Nature, of Mother Earth, of the Universal and Galactic threads and the many sources which combine to assist us on Earth. Understanding this linkage gives us a much greater understanding of the impact of Fukushima and what has occurred in prior times to shear apart the Earth and allow for a blanketing of denser energies preventing greater Light for health, wealth of Spirit and joy, never mind simply, clarity. In other words, it is time wherein an opportunity for greater healing than we imagined stands before us.

New doors are opening and greater linkages are possible now. You inherit this earth and its potentials, even with a disaster such as Fukushima. It is with effort and greater connection to all levels of consciousness that the outcome is altered. Please listen to the words carefully--you who are so inclined--to find your work.

Such work long studied in a myriad of ways may play into the reversal of the path clearly in violation of all Light slated to encapsulate the world as originally intended.

I seek to enlighten and to encourage, but some will also be triggered in awakening further and new ideas will come forth. I welcome all who seek to restore balance and harmony to your world as well as yourselves. It is time to begin.

From my heart, I Am,


Please go to site for further information on the second series beginning Jan. 26, 2014 with Thoth and AA Metatron on Aligning to the Light: DNA Restructuring”.  Payment for this or Hilarion’s channeling can be made via PayPal there. For further information on Anchoring Light or workshops to participate in your area, you may contact Lois @  Thank you.

Our first online series with Thoth, “Template for Balanceis still available to those who wish to embrace the earlier work just prior to this series in MP3 format. $120 for 10 sessions, including Lord Maitreya’s yearly forecast for 2014.