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"Opening the Doorway to the Higher Dimensions"
A free Introductory Teleclass with Thoth

Door to Other Dimensions

Consisting of ~

A brief discussion of the higher realities which are mostly unseen by humanity yet exist within the spectrum of light in your galaxy.

-- Thoth

Sunday, June 18, 2017 at 7:00 PM ET


Channeled by Lois Hartwick

It is a time when there are many energies and forces coming in to contend with and you find your earth plane is being bombarded with much dissension because there is little understanding about this influx of higher energy being mixed with that which has long been present and known as 3D.

Now with shifting sands, you are realizing there is a revolution of sorts in terms of things and ideas for movement ahead. Some wish to return to what was; others seek new horizons. Within the mix are those who have developed higher sensitivities to incorporate energy that while unseen, it is felt, changing one’s perception and outlook. At the same time, some of these energies are triggering your own inner encodements allowing for transmission of newer awareness.

I, Thoth, will choose to discuss this via a free teleconference call for those of you who might wish to listen and hear more of the waves of energy which come forth to disrupt many things in life at this time. There are those thoughts and ideas which will allow for you to come to a newer consensus so you are able to find a different, yet newer balance. Many of you work with those on higher levels for guidance and support. I encourage this, and share with you further thoughts on this process.

I invite you to join me and the channel, Lois Hartwick, with whom I have been working for many years, on June 18, 7:00 PM ET. She comes to this process easily and serves the Light as do I. All are invited. See instructions below to sign up. Welcome aboard!

A little about Lois: She has been a channel for more than 30 years, working with the Brotherhood of Light and Archangels, Nature spirits and as an occasional medium. She has provided a vehicle for us to provide ongoing classes and practices generating greater light to this planet through a metaphysical school, Returning to the Oneness (RTTO), opening doorways for energetic work on the planet, anchoring light meditations stabilizing earth, creating etheric pyramids around the world with group participation, meditations geared toward healing and regeneration, and esoteric teachings and discourses, offering sessions with private clients seeking clarity and guidance, and ascension practices, activations and initiations.


This event is free. To get the teleconference number and/or MP3 recording to participate, follow these instructions ~

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- If you are already part of the RTTO community and are subscribed to the newsletter, email Martha and let her know you're interested in attending and/or receiving the recording for this teleconference.

After you complete this step, Martha will send you an email with the teleconference number so you can participate via live teleconference.

Please note that a new series of classes, titled "Teachings of the Temple" with Master Serapis Bey and the Temple Masters, channeled by Lois, begins on June 25. Information and registration can be found at series' webpage. All are invited to join.

Learn more about Lois Hartwick's work by visiting her RTTO webpage or her Expressions of Light website. MP3s of previous teachings are available for self-study. Please ask Martha or Lois about them.

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